Reality TV Casting Calls Weekly WrapUp 12/18

Hey guys, here are the latest casting calls for the week. A lot of good ones, so hurry up and apply to the latest casting

Pros Vs. Joes Now Casting

Do you have what it takes to be a professional athlete?

If so, we are searching for real guys to go head-to-head with professional football and basketball players on PROS VS JOES.  If you believe you have the skill, strength, speed and agility to posterize or tackle a pro, then go visit our webpage to download an application, shoot your video and get back in the game!


Get moving, because the deadline for submissions is Friday, January 16, 2009!  Competitors must be legal U.S. residents, 21 years or older, and have had no prior professional sports experience. 


For more information or to apply please click below:


Beauty and The Geek Now Casting


We are once again looking for intelligent and quirky guys who are 21+ with a high IQ or a savvy intellect. If you are more likely to be featured on Jeopardy rather than The Bachelor then this show could make you richer in life and even love!




Are you sick and tired of those reality shows featuring the attractive man with not much substance? We’re turning the tables and showing America that smart  and quirky guys have more to offer. If you can teach a beauty a thing or two AND have something to learn from them, then this is your perfect opportunity!


COME BE A PART OF A SHOW WHERE INTELLIGENT GEEKS FINISH FIRST AND RICH (And get some much needed advice from the Beauties)!


Whether you’re a movie buff, chess whiz, mensa member, computer nerd, d&d leader, or spend your nights playing rpg’s, or just need advice from the beauties then…




You must include your Name, Age, Brief Bio on How You are a Geek, Contact Phone Number, City You Reside and a Photo!




New television show for Animal Planet is looking for males, females, couples and families who might be interested in adopting a pit bull as part of its new unscripted TV show, currently titled “The Underdawgz.”


The show centers around a rescue facility devoted to rescuing and rehabilitating abandoned and mistreated Pit Bulls and the day-to-day activities that take place in animal rescue.  We are looking to follow potential adopters through the adoption process of one of these dogs as a way of educating viewers of everything that goes into a person’s commitment to this breed.


Ideally the adopters are seriously considering and willing to adopt a pit bull. However we will also accept those who are simply interested in exploring the possibilities of adoption.  


For more information or to apply please click below:


MTV Movie Promo for “He’s Just Not That Into You” Now Casting


MTV wants to know… did you ever date someone “you just weren’t that into”? If so, write in and tell us your funny, memorable or crazy dating stories!


-Do you have any funny stories about dating a girl “you just weren’t that into”?


-Have you ever been stalked by a girl when you didn’t call her back?


-Did you ever go on a date where the girl did something to totally turn you off?


-Did you ever stand a girl up or make up an excuse to leave in the middle of a date?


-Have you ever dated multiple women or been the “other man” and had it backfire on you?


Untitled Sibling Show Now Casting


Major network now casting for a pilot about same-sex siblings (if you’re a girl, you and your sister. If you’re a boy, you and your brother) As well as fraternal twins (same sex). You, your sibling AND YOUR PARENTS must be local in the LOS ANGELES area. This is a PAID pilot! Deadline is coming up soon, contact us now!


For more information or to apply please click below:


Calling all Cougars! Now Casting


CALLING ALL COUGARS!  Are you 40+  with the brains, the bod, and the hunger for a hot 20-something to sink your teeth into?  Start your prowl on TV!




Do you or someone you know think you have what it takes to be on America’s top-rated wedding


Are you planning a wedding between January and May 2009?

Are your wedding preparations getting out of control?

Are you struggling with the cooperation of your wedding party, fiancé or in-laws?

Are you doing everything in your power to make sure your wedding day is perfect?

Are you ready to share your story with other women who’ve been or will be in

your shoes?




New, Untitled Match Making Show For VH1 Now Casting


Hi there. My company is casting a new reality series for VH1 about dating and relationships. We are casting 7 women that are the focal point of our show and over 100 men. This show is for dynamic, single women that for whatever reason have yet to find true love and the man of their dreams.


The host/helm of our show was chosen because they are the top match maker and relationship expert in the field and doesn’t believe they can’t fix anyone up to get exactly what they’re looking for. We are looking for women that have either had some hard times lately with the opposite sex, or have tried everything under the sun to put themselves out there and aren’t attracting the right type of man.


We are looking for people who are interesting  and great for television, not to mention super good-looking. This will be a very high-profile show, with a great time slot, so there will be a lot of visibility/notoriety that comes along with doing it, so it’s not for everybody. If it’s not for you, then maybe a friend comes to mind…


Are you a rising YouTube star? Calling all funny, talented, and unique YouTubers…casting call


A national daytime talk show is looking for those who have posted or starred in fantastic YouTube videos.  Are you a rising YouTube star?  Did you get an insane amount of hits on a video you posted?   We are looking for all different videos- adults, teens, kids, pets, etc…   Is your video filled with humor, comedy, talent, or is it unique in some way?  If so, please respond by sending the link to your video, as well as any information setting it up, describing it, and tell us why you’d like to be featured on our show… Please also include your name, contact info, and photo.


First Love, Second Chance Now Casting


Ever wondered what happened to the one that got away? To your high school sweetheart or college love?


That’s the question at the heart of this new TV Land program which reunites former couples and gives them a glimpse of what life would have been like if they’d stayed together. In each one-hour episode, a former girlfriend and boyfriend who are currently single will be reunited for an evening to see whether they can stand the idea of living with each other for two weeks -one week in her home with her life, the second in his.


Will the passage of time and their differing life experiences have changed them beyond recognition? Will they be tempted once again by each other, or decide they can’t get far enough away? First Love, Second Chance reveals whether true first love conquers all for the couples -or whether they discover that they had a lucky escape first time around!


Female Players and Maneaters, We Need You for Brand-new FOX PRIMETIME Show!!


Brand-new FOX primetime show is seeking young women who date lots of different guys and love it! Think you’re too young to be tied down to ONE guy? Are you PROUD of having a different guy take you out every night? If this is you OR someone you know, please let us know and we’ll get you all the details of the show!


Casting for Back Street Boys Super Fans!


Do you know a ton of Trivia about the guys?

Do you know all the words to their songs?

Do you know all the dances?

Have you ever met them?

Have you seen more then one concert?


If this is you or someone you know please email us!

Must be available to shoot January 7th.


Include your name, age, recent photo and contact information.



The WB’s “Rich Girl, Poor Girl” Now Casting








“RICH GIRL” - WEALTHY AFRICAN AMERICAN girl between the ages of 18-21, who lives in an expensive/exclusive area in Los Angeles.


“POOR GIRL”- (any ethnicity) between the ages of 18-21 who comes from an urban, underprivileged area in Los Angles.


What will happen when two girls who rule their respective cliques take a leap and  switch places?  All bets are off when worlds collide.  It’s a fun, eye-opening look at taking a risk and trying to be the “Big Fish Out of Water”.


*Please note that this is a REALITY SHOW. Person must be willing to switch lives with someone else for a week and have a camera crew come in to film their home, family, friends, etc.


To view last season’s episodes, please visit:



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