Reality TV Casting Calls Weekly Update 1/2/09

 Hey everyone, here are the latest and greatest Reality TV Casting Calls for 2009! Have a great year and remember if you want your 15 minutes you have to apply! Good luck!

Untitled Pilot Now Casting Attractive women ages 21-30

Need attractive women ages 21-30 to play “hot moms” for new show on a major cable network.

All participants will be paid, and auditions will be held the first week of January so please respond ASAP with a recent photograph.

Match Maker Game Show Now Casting

Casting 28-38 yr old female looking for her perfect match.

If you have been married, divorced, engaged but called it off, or have been in multiple failed long-term relationships and still cant seem to find Mr. Right…  a new reality show is looking to give you the ultimate quiz to find your perfect match.

Please submit your dating stats including a photo with name, age, address, email, phone number, occupation, and brief list of dating history (how many relationships, why they failed, what you think is your perfect match).

Compensation for those selected.

Do You Have A Strange and Unusual Phobia? Now Casting

Do you have an abnormal fear and you’re not afraid to talk about it?  Do friends and family tease you about your unusual phobia?  A new reality show is casting to showcase the strangest phobias!  *Must be in the SoCal area *Must be 18 or over

Reality show is Casting for the next big stars!

A brand new reality show is looking for the next big stars!  Do you get told that you look like, sound like, or act like a famous star?  Do you think you’re the next Jim Carrey, Paris Hilton, or Kanye West?


SHOWTIME Networks and Casting Producer Adam Drucker (A&E’s “Intervention”) are looking for gays and lesbians to appear in a new television documentary series about coming out of the closet.

We are seeking people who have made the decision to come out to important people in their lives and are willing to share that journey with us.  We want to see the struggle you’ve endured to keep this part of your life hidden and the specific ways you’ve had to expend energy and effort constructing separate lives.

Our production team, led by the Executive Producer of A&E’s “Intervention,” is sensitive to the delicate nature of this subject matter and the inner-turmoil you may have experienced in deciding to come out.  We will treat you and your loved ones with the utmost care, dignity and respect.   We want to give you a forum in which to show what life in the closet is like, to explain what has compelled you to come out now and to accompany you during this transformational event.

Vanity Project Now Casting for the hottest Men and Women Vanity Project

A major cable network is looking for the hottest men and women in Southern CA (If you are not in the So Cal area you can still apply by making a video self-submission).  Casting producers are seeking beautiful people for a new reality show. Contestants will compete for the title of “Most Attractive.”  Being “attractive” is up to interpretation.

•    Are you vain?

•    Does your hair or makeup have to be perfect at all times?

•    Are you extremely confident?

•    Have you always been told that you are hot and received attention based on your looks?

•    Do you take extremely good care of yourself and have an extensive beauty regimen?

•    Do you dress to the nines?

•    Are you into your body?

•    Are you attractive on the inside?

If you are hot and know it, we want to meet you!

Millionaires Wanted Casting Now



Have you made your millions through countless hours of hard work & sweat?

Were you “fortunate” enough to be born into an financially successful family?

Are you so busy, you often don’t have time to work through personal issues?

Do you constantly have unresolved issues on your mind?

If you answered YES to any (or all) of the above questions, then this is the show for you! FAMILIES, COUPLES, FRIENDS & INDIVIDUALS who are interested in participating MUST live in New York City and MUST be available to shoot the first 2 weeks of February, 2009.

Casting Relationship Show: From Extreme Makeover: Home Edition producers!

Casting new ABC series, from Endemol USA, the producer that brought you EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION!!!

If you are looking for your soul mate and the love of your life, then we would love to hear from you immediately!


This TV show explores a unique social experiment that allows men and women the opportunity to find true love.

No eliminations

No competitions

Only the opportunity to find real love!


• Men and Women mid 20’s to late 30’s

• Must currently live in Southern California

• Must be a legal US resident.

• Must be single and seeking a long-term relationship

• Must be outgoing, personable, and ready to fall in love

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