Reality TV Casting Calls Weekly WrapUp 2/5

Hey everyone, here are the latest and greatest Reality TV Casting Calls for the week. There are a lot of great ones so hurry up and apply. Good luck!

Paris Hilton’s My New BFF Now Casting Season Two

Paris Hilton’s My New BFF is back for a part deux.

The Heiress to American Royalty extends her most exclusive invitation to expand her A-List Clique

Do you long to strut into the world’s most elite hotspots without a care in the world except how fabulous you are? Ever wish the velvet ropes didn’t exclude you from the social circles of the A-List? How about the fantasy of jet setting around the world with the ultimate BFF, whose fierce style, charisma and star power is only matched by your own.


Now that’s hot!  Paris is granting the opportunity of a lifetime to one girl or “fabulous” guy who has what it takes to join Paris Hilton’s inner circle. Finally, you have the chance to show the world that you have what it takes to achieve social stardom; allowing you unprecedented access to young Hollywood as never before. Loves It!


Doron Ofir Casting is enlisting only the “Hottest Bitches” and the most “Fabulously Fierce Guys” who are at least the age of 21 and appear under 30.




Now Casting vibrant, energetic, competitive groups of three women





Do you know everything about your best friends and will you stand together no matter what?

A major cable network is searching for you!

Finally a reality show you can join with your two BFF’s!

Now casting vibrant, energetic, competitive groups of three women, ages 21+

Compete with other groups of girls, celebrate unique female friendship, WIN PRIZES and see if you have what it takes to be crowned America’s Best Girlfriends.


Game Network Newlyweds Show Audience Now Casting


The Newlyweds Game is ringing in 2009 and we want YOU in our studio audience!


This original 1960’s game show has newly-married couples answer questions to find out how well the husband and wife know each other.  And now the Game Show Network has brought this classic competition back to Television!


We would like to offer you the exciting opportunity of being in our studio audience to join the fun of being on-camera with your friends and win prizes! 


Taping schedule is below (we offer two tapings per day, each taping is 90 minutes)


Feb 4th and 5th at 3:30pm and 6pm


February 10th, 11th, 12th, 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th at 1pm and 5pm


To request tickets reply ASAP.  Location is NYC (NEP Plaza 401 7th Ave) Must be ages 18 and up.  We can accommodate large groups!  So email today, tickets are going







Number of tickets

Date(s)/time you are available to attend


Latina Women for Season 2 of Model Latina Now Casting


Model Latina is a reality series that pits 12 vibrant Latinas in a strategic battle of beauty, brains & style.  More than a typical modeling competition, Model Latina is looking to showcase all-around beautiful women with amazing talent & skills.  The show could be described as The Apprentice meets America’s Next Top Model with a Latin Flair.


Prizes include:

$10,000 in Cash/prizes

Exposure on National TV

Modeling Contract with Top Modeling Agency

Opportunity to Appear as a SiTV Host


If you are a Latina woman, ages 18-25, we want to meet you!


Casting Calls to be held in:  Miami, NYC. LA, San Fran, San Diego


Divorce Court is Casting couples on the verge of divorce who are willing to share their stories


Are you and your spouse unhappily married and considering divorce?  Has he or she changed and is no longer the person you thought you married?  Are you looking for advice to save your marriage?  If any of this sounds like your marriage, we’d love to hear from you! 


Chosen couples will receive the following:


Round trip flight to LA

Chauffeured car service

Hotel accommodations in the heart of Hollywood

Daily food expense

Appearance fee for each participant


If you are a great talker and are passionate about your relationship, give us a call or send an email.   We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Eccentric 50-80 year old Singles needed for Speed Dating Episode Now Casting


Do you consider yourself interesting? Fun? Crazy, even? Are you 50+ and Single???  Please send a current photo and info about yourself.




Are you a man’s man?  Do you love explosions?  Major Cable Network now seeks men ages 21-45 to compete in reality show competition.  Man-tastic challenges and prizes!


HGTV Casting for Neighbor Disputes


Do you and your neighbor argue over the height of the fence, disagree about the barking dog, pull your hair out over the neighbor’s children constantly running onto your property, loud music, the horrendous paint color on a home, etc, etc?


Our show will be shot documentary style and will provide you and your neighbor the chance to openly air your grievances.  We’ll shoot both sides of the story.  Then you and your neighbor can hash out your differences on camera — or not.


Each party will be awarded a small stipend for appearing on the show.


For more information, please apply now.


Now Casting Firearms Dealers


Pink Sneakers Productions is looking for firearms dealers with a specialization in everything and anything weapon related from ground to air, for an upcoming documentary series.


Do you own, or know of a business that deals in guns, firearms, mortar or explosives? Is your staff and loyal customers a group of colorful characters, experts or artists? Whether you’re a custom gun shop, an army surplus dealer, an independent fireworks dealer or another specialization in the firearms industry and you’d like to share your story, please apply today!


“Can You Duet” Season 2 Casting Call


The producers of “American Idol” and country music pioneer CMT are teaming up to find the next great country music duo for the second season of the most original singing competition ever: “Can You Duet”


In the tradition powerhouse duos such as Big & Rich, Kenny and Dolly, and Johnny and June Carter Cash, “Can You Duet” is the ultimate singing competition looking to launch an unknown duo into country music super stardom!


Under the mentorship of our judges, duos will have to out-sing and out-perform one another weekly to survive the competition.


Need FUN OUTGOING 18-21 year olds, Single or Dating! Make $! MTV Parental Control Now Casting


That’s right! MTV’s incredibly popular dating show, Parental Control is on its way back for another season of action, romance and comedy! We’re looking for fun and enthusiastic couples who have at least one set of parents who just can’t stand their son or daughter’s significant other!


So, do YOUR parents give you a hard time about your BF or GF? Wouldn’t it be killer to prove to them once and for all he or she IS the one that you want? Or, are you Single and looking for possible romance??? Well, here’s YOUR chance to do that! On Parental Control, Mom and Dad set you up on dates with guys or gals THEY’D like to see you with — but they can see what’s up for themselves. Who knows, maybe (for once) they’ll be right — or maybe you’ll prove to them you’ve already found Mr. or Ms. Right!


If you live anywhere around the Los Angeles area and would like to be on the show then please APPLY ASAP!


*Sons/daughters and significant others must be 18-21 years of age to participate.


Ballet School project - Now Casting


OUR POINTE – A new series about the world of the undiscovered ballet stars of tomorrow.


You’ve endured the strain of training, a lifetime of sacrifice, the 

pressures of perfection and the critique of the spotlight, all in the 

pursuit of beauty through movement. You exemplify classical Ballet.

As the curtain falls upon your prestigious education, another rises 

on a graceful, elegant and promising future as a ballet star.


Your time to grow as a student is coming to a close. As you 

compete for coveted spots in some of the most world renowned ballet 

companies, friendships will flourish, enemies will fade and your 

dreams will unveil a solo to be remembered for all time.


This is your story!


Doron Ofir Casting is currently casting an extraordinary group of 

friends and dancers who are entering their senior year at a ballet 

conservatory to star in an original docu-series following their 

journey from student to professional ballet superstar.


The Biggest Loser Open Casting Calls






We are currently looking for outgoing and charismatic people who have personality along with the WANT, DESIRE and COMPETITIVE EDGE to vie for this once in a lifetime opportunity and compete for $250,000!


We will do our best to see the first 500 people in line. Please do not line up more than 3 hours before the start time. Please bring a non-returnable photo of yourself.


Open Casting Calls:  


For more Casting Call Links visit


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