Reality TV Casting Calls Weekly WrapUp 12/13

Hey everyone here are the latest reality TV casting calls for the week. If you are ready to be on Reality TV and get your 15 minutes of fame then check out the latest casting calls and apply now! Vh1 is casting a makeover show, Spike is casting Pros vs. Joes, America’s Best Dance Crew is looking for 5-7 member crews and many more.


Apply to be an undercover player on a NEW kind of game show.  Contestants will open-up their homes and pick an unknowing teammate (husband/wife, fiancé, boyfriend/girlfriend) to be their accomplice in this hilarious challenge of wit and task.


Now Casting New Cooking Show!

Do you know anyone who loves to cook, but really can’t?

Do they constantly throw dinner parties, or make you suffer through what they think is their crowd pleasing signature dish for your HOLIDAY/ FAMILY DINNER or OFFICE POTLUCK?

Do you find yourself afraid to tell them the truth, or don’t know how?

Well if this sounds like you or someone you know,

HELP is on the way!!

Let us help soften the blow, save the day…. and your stomach, by sending our Celebrity Culinary Expert to their home to teach them Our Chef’s world famous cooking techniques.


What can YOU do in 90 seconds? Now Casting

Can you turn your eyelids inside out while standing on your head? Do you know someone who can burp the national anthem? Are you the fastest vegetable chopper or the best belly roller you know?

Can you do something that few other people can do or do it in a way no one else does? Are people amazed or appalled when you show them your ability? Is it something you can show us in 90 seconds or less?

Do you want the chance to be on TV and possibly win big money?

We are looking for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, no matter how unique, bizarre, gross, or trivial, as long as you can do it in 90 seconds or less. Even if you don’t think of it as a talent, we want to see it! And who knows? You could be on TV!



VH1 is looking for Successful, Attractive, Outgoing SINGLE MEN and WOMEN to appear on upcoming seasons of VH1 TOUGH LOVE.  If you or someone you know is a great catch then we want to meet you.  You must be Charming, Adventures and live in the LA/OC area.

Applicants must be single and 21 or over by Feb 1, 2010


MTV’s documentary show True Life is casting couples who are relocating for love ASAP!

Is your long-distance relationship more about the distance than the relationship? Has the physical separation between you and your loved one become unbearable? Are you now considering a major life change in order to be closer to that person? If you’re planning on relocating to be with your loved one in spite of major obstacles, MTV wants to hear your story.

Maybe you’re feeling pressure from your significant other to move closer to him or her but you’d be leaving everything and everyone you know behind to make the leap? Or maybe you’re struggling to pay for the move and have no idea how or if you’d be able to find work on the other end? Perhaps your partner lives in a foreign country where you wouldn’t speak the language or have a handle on the local customs? Or maybe your loved one wants to move to be with you and you’re not so sure he or she will fit into your life away from home?


New FOOD NETWORK show casting in LA

The Food Network is producing a new show about private chefs in the greater Los Angeles area. We are only casting real people who are throwing real parties or outrageous events. Weekday parties will receive special consideration. We want big personalities so no wall flowers please! If you are selected, our chefs will provide their services to you at no cost. Please email us with information on your party, a photo of yourself and contact information.


New Home Makeover Show Casting Families!

A major TV Network is casting FAMILIES with BUSY lives AND who have even bigger troubles with their home for a new HOME MAKEOVER  show!!

If you own your home and live in the NYC tri state area … Please Submit!!

All applicants must OWN their own home!!


“Don’t Sweat It” - HGTV’s Home Improvement Series Now Casting In LA & NY Areas!

Need help with your home improvements?  Be on Don’t Sweat It on HGTV!

Is your project list getting out of hand? No idea where to start with home improvement needs? HGTV is here to help!

Steve Watson and his Don’t Sweat It team have a knack for helping people take on the home improvement projects they just can’t seem to get finished. Our high-octane host is coming to lend a hand, and show you how to finish those projects you’ve been putting off. Indoor, outdoor, all around the house — Steve Watson’s here to give you the knowledge, and help, you need to get those projects done!

The series is filming now in the LOS ANGELES & NEW YORK areas. If you’re an energetic homeowner who is enthusiastic about receiving a helping hand with home improvement projects and you live in the LA or NY areas, visit us at to apply to be on Don’t Sweat It!

Remember, Watson and his team will assist and instruct your family to take part in every step of the projects. Apply now so you can cross off those nagging projects on your To Do list, have fun doing it and be on TV!


Now Casting Outgoing Families!

Are you looking for the ultimate family adventure? Are you eager to ditch the typical family vacation and experience a truly unique and exciting bonding experience? Do you wish you could bring your family even closer together?

The producers of “The Biggest Loser,” “Ugly Betty,” and “The Office”
are currently searching for America’s most outgoing families to compete in exciting outdoor challenges in the nation’s most beautiful national parks.


Planet Green’s - Wa$ted - NOW CASTING

Do you suspect your family is single handedly responsible for global warming? Is your family or small business drowning under massive utility bills? Do you believe global warming is a myth? Do your family members disagree about going green, to the point that you actually fight about it? Are you interested in saving money?

We are currently casting families, homes and businesses in the tri-state area for the third season of Wa$ted on Planet Green.

The eco-makeover involves lifestyle tips, cool gadgets and products, superficial changes to the home and behavioral changes for your household. And the best part—we help you save MONEY! We are looking for people with out of control energy-wasting habits that need a big push in the right direction if they’ll ever have an efficient, effective green household.


* Must live within 2 hours of NYC
* Must own home/apartment
* SHOOT is 4 days over the course of 1 month


Casting Skilled Marksmen for History Channel’s “TOP SHOT” Competition


If you are skilled with a pistol, rifle or any other firearm, you could win $100,000 in prizes on TV’s first marksmanship competition show. The History Channel and the producers of “The Ultimate Fighter” are looking for anyone with mind-blowing shooting skills and a big personality to take on exciting physical challenges with multiple guns and mystery projectile weapons.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professionally trained shooter or a self-taught, average Joe (or Jane!). As long as you’re in good physical shape, have mastered a firearm and can adapt to new weapons and demanding physical situations, you could be America’s first “Top Shot.”


* Applicants must be at least 21 years of age, a resident or citizen of the United States and reasonably proficient with shooting and marksmanship



Play Bunco?? Do you and your Bunco group want to be on TV!

Game Show Network is seeking a Bunco group for an All New “docu-series.”

People Farm Casting is searching for Bunco groups across the country, and especially in Southern California for an All New television series that will bring the lives of a group of Bunco playing women to the world.

If you have a group of dynamic, fun, smart, and sassy women WE WANT TO TALK TO YOU ASAP!

We are looking for all types of groups with members in their mid 20’s to mid 40’s FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE.




Casting “She’s Got the Look” Season 3

Now casting TV Land’s “She’s Got the Look”, Season 3!

Currently searching for the next Supermodel over the age 35. Competitors will live in a house and participate in  challenges to see who has what it takes to have “The Look.” The winner will receive a modeling contract with the world-famous Wilhelmina Modeling Agency.


MTV’s Casting True Life: I’m Looking For My Child

Are you the parent of a child that you have lost contact with? Do you want to reconnect with a child you placed in adoption? Did you father a child and then become estranged from the baby’s mother? If you have lost contact with your child for any reason, and are desperate to have your child back in your life — we want to hear from you.


LDS Mormon Dating Show Now Casting

You’d like to meet a nice Mormon guy or girl, but no one at your local meetinghouse is making the grade. You could take your chances dating in the world, but you’d have to sift through all the people who just don’t understand your values and lifestyle or simply aren’t attractive enough for your standards. Sometimes is seems like LDS stands for “Lonely, Dateless & Single”!  Well, your love luck is about to change. “Latter-day Love”, a brand-new docu-series focusing on the LDS community, is here to save the day and prove that the Mormon dating community is as beautiful, vibrant and exciting as any other!

We are currently casting the most attractive male and female Mormon singles, ages 21-30 in the Salt Lake City area who would like to be featured in the first ever TV series that brings like-minded LDS daters together for excitement and love.


Now Casting Amateur Chefs For “MasterChef”

Gordon Ramsay and the producers of THE BIGGEST LOSER and now casting amateur chefs for a new inspirational cooking show!!

Can you cook well despite never having been formally trained? We are currently searching for chefs from all walks of life - amateur chefs, passionate fodies, the ultimate dinner party host/hostesses…

MasterChef is a show that celebrates great people who make great food. The show will give contestants the opportunity to develop their cooking skills while being encouraged mentored and celebrated by the industry’s best and evaluated by world-renowned judges!

Adventure Travel Series Now Casting Male Host

We are currently casting a male host for a History Channel series.  It’s an adventure travel show where we’ll be going to some of the most dangerous places on the planet. If you fit the bill of our mandate listed below, please send a link to some of your on-camera work.  Quality doesn’t matter - even a quick youtube video showcasing your personality (not scripted acting work) would be great.  Please also include a headshot and a bio.  Submissions without a video sample will not be considered.  Video should feature your natural hosting personality, not an acting reel.


•A middle America type tough guy - very Mike Rowe - with a HUGE charismatic and witty personality (can crack a joke without sacrificing manliness) - and not too “hosty”

•Aged 35-45, could picture him barbecuing outside or camping - outdoorsy type of guy

•Not the right fit if he’s an LA pretty boy or a fast-talking New Yorker - so the kind of guy that doesn’t mind getting dirt under his fingernails and not the type that gets them buffed

•Attractive in a rugged way - no baby faces

•Must come across as believable that he has knowledge of the outdoors - men across America must accept him as some type of authority

•A guy with a regular job (firefighter, construction, former athlete, former military, etc.) works better for us than a professional actor. But they must be great on camera.

•Inquisitive, sharp, and can think on his feet.



Do you wonder if your partner is really “The One”?
Are you ready for a ring, but your boyfriend won’t take that leap?
Has your relationship lost its spark and you’re not sure if you can get it back?
Is your relationship at the “make or break” point?

VH1 and Master Matchmakers Steve and JoAnn Ward are in search of unmarried COUPLES who have reached a crossroads in their relationship and are looking for help. Steve and JoAnn have opened the eyes of women everywhere with their brutal truth about what men really think on VH1’s TOUGH LOVE.

Now in TOUGH LOVE: COUPLES, Steve and JoAnn will use their straight talk approach with men and women, telling them like it is when it comes to making a relationship work.

If you and your partner need Steve and JoAnn’s help to decide what to do next, then we want to hear your story..

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