Watch out Average Joe here comes Average Jane

Watch out Average Joe here comes Average Jane.

Average Joe Recap: Adam eliminates five and sends the bikini models packing

Tonight on the Average Joe Adam was greeted by 3 of his former co stars from The Original Average Joe, they brought him a surprise, a bus full of bikini models.
Adam was in a fix, he had a hot tub full of bikini models..
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”Average Joe: Adam Returns” Premiere Showcases Compatibility Matching from eHarmony

PASADENA, Calif.-(BUSINESS WIRE)-March 16, 2004-For the season premiere of “Average Joe,” NBC producers enlisted the help of the nation’s relationship expert and eHarmony founder, Dr. Neil Clark Warren, in….
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BURBANK, Calif. — March 16, 2004 — The premiere of “Average Joe: Adam Returns” combined with hot numbers from “Fear Factor” and “Las Vegas” to propel NBC to a dominant Monday win in adults 18-49…
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Average Joe 3 Episode one recap

Adam from the original Average Joe returned tonight to choose from some of the tens thousands of women who tried to contact him after the original show ended. Following a similar opening format as the original, a bus pulled up…
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A four-part series starring Adam Mesh who was runner-up for the heart of “Average Joe” beauty Melana Scantlin in the original series. Nearly 20 million people watched as Adam Mesh had his heart broken in the dramatic season finale…

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How can this be? Average Joe 3! Coming May 15th

Adam returns and now he has the power to choose. See whats an Average Joe does when the tables are turned! Premieres Monday, March 15th. Check out the official website

Oh no, Average Joe and Fabio? Average Joe Finale recap

In what had to be the most bizarre, odd, and weakest reality TV endings ever seen, The Average Joe was rocked by Fabio. How did Fabio rock Average Joe? Well we came down to the big pick, Larissa had to choose between (Average Joe) Brian or (Stud Boy) Gil. One would
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LaPonza walked away from Average Joe: Hawaii

LaPonza walked away from Average Joe: Hawaii when he became offended by the conduct of Larissa Meek, the beauty whose affection LaPonza and other contenders had hoped to win.

Melana Scantlin of Average Joe makes move to movies.

The Kansas City Star reports that Melana Scantlin of The Average Joe 1 will now play host on a weekly movie review show called “Screening Room” with a Kansas City FOX affiliate.
“She’s gorgeous and knows about movies, and the bonus is, she’s back in L.A. So now we’re going to get first-hand information” stated […]

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