18-year-old critically injured in ‘Jackass’ stunt

An 18-year-old tried to imitate a stunt from the television show “Jackass” by jumping into a pool from the roof of a five-story condominium. He missed, shattering both legs, police said.

Jack Ass Blasts “Jackass”

You might think that someone named Jack Ass would have pretty thick skin when it comes to attacks upon his reputation.
But you would be wrong.
A Montana man who legally changed his name to Jack Ass in 1997 (to raise awareness of the perils of drunk driving) says Jackass.

Steve-O: Jackass in the Flesh, and Blood

In show business terms, Steve-O didn’t break a leg at the 9:30 club on Sunday. He did, however, break a light bulb over his head, and chew on a shard of the glass until blood from his tongue poured over his pale torso.
Steve-O, born Stephen Glover, is the lead performer in the “Don’t Try This […]

Kids Accused Of ‘Jackass-Style’ Attack On Man

TITUSVILLE, Fla. — Police have charged a Florida 17-year-old after his friends allegedly videotaped him attacking an unsuspecting man — and distributed the tape for others’ amusement. High school student Michael Lasher is charged with strong-armed robbery. Police say other arrests could follow.
A school police officer learned of the tape and got a copy. […]

Teenager dies trying Jackass movie stunt

Wednesday, December 18, 2002 – Page R5
Albuquerque, N.M. — A teenager has died while practising what police say was a stunt he and a friend had seen in the movie Jackass.
Stephen Paul Rauen, 15, was ejected from the top of a friend’s car Monday after.

Boy dies from injuries in van crash

A 13-year-old boy died early Thursday morning from what may be part of a stunt mimicking MTV’s “Jackass” show and subsequent movie. An Anderson teen is preliminarily charged in connection with the younger teen’s death
Aaron Brown, a seventh-grader at New Futures Learning Center at Greenbriar, died from massive internal and head injuries at Methodist Hospital, […]

‘Jackass’: The Man Without The Plan

Steve-O, who risks his well-being for fun and fame, doesn’t bother with health insurance
Dec. 16 issue — The University of New Mexico is traditionally known for putting a solid basketball team on the floor. But it also holds another distinction: it’s the last institution to provide Steve-O with a normal health-insurance plan. (He was […]

Fatal stunt had nothing to do with ‘Jackass,’ says MTV star

MTV star Johnny Knoxville is distancing himself and his “Jackass” series from an alleged copycat incident in Ohio in which a teen was killed.
College freshman Adam Ports, 18, died after falling from a moving pickup truck in a stunt possibly inspired by the television show “Jackass,” authorities said. Knoxvillian P.J. Clapp, who took the […]

Knoxville Sympathetic About Teen’s Death

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. –– Johnny Knoxville, star of “Jackass,” expressed sympathy to the family of a teen who died last week after falling from a moving pickup truck in a stunt possibly inspired by the TV show.
“My heart goes out to the kid’s family, but we’ve done everything we can to prevent this type of thing […]

Teen Injured Attempting “Jackass”-Type Stunt

Police in Pennsylvania said a 13-year-old boy jumped off a railroad truss Saturday, landing on a column. They believe the boy jumped or fell onto debris at the base of the column. Authorities said he was imitating the popular show when he was injured.
“Trying to make a video from the MTV show ‘Jackass.’ (what […]

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