Sloppy Joe Millionaire?

Looks like Evan Marriott has some commercial appeal after his debut on Joe Millionaire. As with many reality stars life after the show in the spotlight can be hard to come by, but not for old Joe. Besides hosting an upcoming show on the Game Show network Evan can be seen opposite Joe Frazier, […]

Original ‘Millionaire’ Marriott Turns Game Show Host

LOS ANGELES ( - Sorry David Smith. There’s only one real Reality TV “Joe Millionaire” and he’s branching into the lucrative world of game show hosting. Evan Marriott has signed on to host “Fake-A-Date,” a new relationship show for the Game Show Network. Click READ MORE to the right for full story.

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‘Joe Millionaire’ Chooses Linda, Not Cat

By FRAZIER MOORE, AP Television Writer
NEW YORK - Avowed rich guy David Smith chose Linda over Cat to be his best girl, then confessed that he wasn’t a tycoon after all, as the finale of “Joe Millionaire” aired Monday night. “Ummm, ummm, I haven’t been completely honest with you,” Smith stammered to Linda, […]

‘Joe Millionaire’ ends tonight and doesnt look like there will be a part 3

NEW YORK, Nov. 24 — A top Fox executive acknowledged Monday that “we got greedy” in ordering a second edition of “Joe Millionaire. IN NINE MONTHS, the show has gone from one of TV’s most surprising successes to the new season’s most spectacular flameout. The final episode of its second season was to air Monday. […]

Joe Millionaire’s Zora Becomes NutriSystem Spokesperson

Joe Millionaire winner, Zora Andrich, recovers from the embarrassing “dress” scene by losing 17 pounds in six weeks on NutriSystem. After years of struggling with unwanted weight, the last straw for Zora was when they couldn’t zip up her dress on national television..

Europeans see Americans as ‘monsters’

As an example of the cultural gap between Americans and Europeans, Turner spotlighted the Fox television show “Joe Millionaire,” in which European women are duped into believing the Texas man introduced to them is a millionaire who will pick one to be his everlasting love.
At one point, “Texas cowboy,” as Turner called him, sits down […]


Bronco buster David Smith, the folksy faux millionaire of the new “Joe Millionaire,” is being branded by some as the reason why the new “Joe” is flopping on Fox.
But if that’s the case, then the original would have flunked out just as badly.
Smith, 24, seems about as dull-witted as last year’s “Joe,” Evan […]

Joe Millionaire 2′ Promo to Be Aired

LOS ANGELES - At the edge of your seat waiting for the next “Joe Millionaire?”
About a month before the show starts airing, Fox will air a trailer in attempts to creat hype and anticipation. Fox says it will show the promo a week from this Friday, on Sept. 19….

Fox brings back ‘Joe Millionaire’

Fox will bring back a new “Joe Millionaire” next season and start a junior version of “American Idol” as well as a new drama about the porn industry. The network is introducing three new dramas and four new comedies in the hope that this fall will be better than the last one.

Joe Millionaire goes to college

THE FORMER construction worker spoke to a group of about 400 students at a Missouri Student Association-sponsored event. Marriott tackled such topics as coming to terms with fame with these words of wisdom: “That’s just how freaky life is. And I’m a big freak.”
“The truth is, Marriott […]

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