Lost Recap February 15th 2006

Lost Recap February 15th 2006By Mandy SavageSayid has flashbacks to when the American’s invaded Iraq. The story of how he became a torturer begins to unroll… In the mean time Danielle ( the crazy French woman) finds Sayid in the Jungle and takes him to a man she has captured, whom she believes is o­ne of […]

Lost : February 8th 2005 Recap “A tiger can’t change it’s stripes”

Lost : February 8th 2005 Recap “A tiger can’t change it’s stripes”By Mandy Savage Should distrust for Jack’s decision making be forming, or does Locke really know what’s best for everyone? Who really should be the leader and who decides?Jack and Locke somewhat grudgingly agree to share the knowledge of the combination to the safe along […]

Lost Recap “Charlie the Baptist” January 25th 2006

Lost Recap “Charlie the Baptist” January 25th 2006By Mandy Savage Poor Charlie. o­nce again, flashbacks to Charlie’s life before the plane crash show a young man in constant struggle with falling down the wrong path and trying to make it good in life. We discover what a sod Charlie’s brother Liam as been toward Charlie. Liam […]

Lost “War within a Triangle Recap” January 18th 2006

Lost “War within a Triangle Recap” January 18th 2006Mandy Savage Jack declared war. It all starts when Michael somewhat “cracks” and holes Jack and Locke up in the safe at gunpoint to go after his son Walt who was captured by the others in a previous episode.    
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Tonight On ABC’s LOST “Revelation”

Tonight o­n ABC's LOST: “Revelation”“Revelation” Discover the complete story of the grueling first 48 days o­n the island for the fuselage survivors and tailies after the crash of Oceanic flight 815, o­n “Lost: Revelation,” WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET), o­n the ABC Television Network.
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ABC's LOSTIf your looking for information o­n ABC's LOST please visit http://www.orwellproject.com/PagEd+index-page_id-36.phtml .  If your a fan and you would like to recap LOST for our site please contact us.
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