Reality TV bites, contestant finds

You probably don’t care about what went on behind the scenes on Fox’s “Love
Cruise.” I’m guessing that you didn’t watch the show, which basically amounted to competitive mating with strangers.
That’s too bad. If you had caught the episode where three couples squeezed bags of oranges between their bodies-without using their hands-in a sticky effort […]

Melissa and Darin win the 200,000 and a Trip around the world

It was a knock out screaming fight to the finish but in the end Melissa and Darin are the winners of the 200,000 grand prize and a trip around the world. The show started with two couples left: Mike and Jeanette and Melissa and Darin. Jeanette held one switch card and was told […]

Love Cruise Episode 6

After the initial backlash of Michael’s decision to switch Andrea, the shipmates begin to calm back down and return to some semblance of normalcy. There are eight singles left and with Michael’s game now exposed, everyone is considering what each other’s hidden agendas might actually be more
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Mike gets Andrea thrown off and brings Jeanette back from Loser Island

Only four couples remain after the Lisa drama subsides. Now the game truly begins. Michael unveils his grand strategy which is aptly labeled the “Chicago Four.” The four includes Michael, Ralph, Melissa and Toni. Michael recruited Melissa and Ralph, and Ralph brought in Toni. The idea: make it to the final four and see what […]

Check out some exclusive photos of Love cruise cast

Check out some exclusive photos of Love cruise cast HERE
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Episode 4: Adrian and stupid Lisa get booted:

Ralph, Mike, Melissa, and Toni form a pact not to vote each other of the ship and are dubbed “chi-town” or the Chicago four. Lisa acts as if she is in high school and drums up a over dramatic situation after she kisses Mike and Anthony the same night which gets her laughed at […]

Greg and Jeanette booted from Ship: Episode 4 airs tonight

Tempers and tensions are still running hot over the results of the last Elimination Ceremony. Previously, with Adrian in control of the switch card, the ladies had voted him off, forcing him to either leave the boat or eliminate one of the other guys himself. Adrian sent Tony packing to Loser Island, but was furious […]

LOVE CRUISE Episode three airs tonight

Dont miss episode three of Fox’s Love Cruise that will air tonight at 9pm est 8 central on FOX. There are some new behind the scenes videos posted HERE
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Episode 2: TONY AND LAURA Booted from Boat

Good-byes are finally made and Laura and Tony depart. The remaining couples are forced to look onward as many more emotional conflicts are yet to rear their ugly heads. FULL UPDATE HERE
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Love Cruise starts tomorrow

Love Cruise: The Maiden

Voyage Premiere

has been moved! Don’t

miss all the romance and

reality on Tuesday,

September 25th at 9pm/8c. Meet the cast here
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