Hunt for Osama bin Laden

A read sent this in and has a new idea for a reality showI think a new reality show based on mercinaries that hunt bin Laden should be started by one of the networks. I think it would great ratings. There would be a $25 million reward from the US government. I […]

MANHUNT Judge says game was fixed

Hash Shaalan, the veteran ex-Navy SEAL who served as Judge on UPN’s reality series MANHUNT, sat down for an interview with investigative reporter Peter Lance who first broke the story August 15th that large portions of the $250,000 game show were re-shot in L.A.’s Griffith Park months after MANHUNT finished production on the island of […]

Manhunt scandel… may get Yanked off Air

Scenes of the “Survivor”-like game were remade in a Los Angeles park because Paramount television was displeased by what was originally filmed in Hawaii last winter, said producer Robert Jaffe, who helped develop the series concept.
Jaffe said he stopped working on the series then because he didn’t want to be deceptive. more
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Scribe alleges UPN Manhunt was rigged

Accusations are flying that UPN’s low-rated reality series “Manhunt” may have staged scenes and rigged its $250,000 outcome.
Writer Peter Lance has alleged that the show’s producers — disappointed by a lack of fireworks during “Manhunt’s” January shoot in Hawaii — convinced 12 of the show’s 13 contestants to memorize a script and film new scenes […]

JK first PREY eliminated from UPN MANHUNT

Name: Jacqueline A. Kelly,

Age: 36,

,Occupation: Business Consultant

,Status: Married was the first to be eliminated from the Island. Check out more information on the new UPN reality show “MANHUNT”. More
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