The Scoop: “Temptation Island”

Citytv’s “Temptation Tidbits”: All the Scoop You Need to Know About: “Temptation Island” - from September 11th.
After three episodes into the new series, here’s where we’re at:
*Melissa, 29, and Michael 25: She wants to settle down, he doesn’t.
*Eric, 25, and Kristin, 21: They’re “testing the emotional boundaries” of their relationship.
*Anthony, 23, and Stephanie, […]

Fox ‘Playing With Fire’ on Temptation Island, TV Watchdog Says

Fox Entertainment calls Temptation Island 3 a reality-based show aimed at a mature TV audience that features informed adults who explore boy-girl relationships.
But one media watchdog group calls it “exploitive” and “mean-spirited” and cautions that playing with people’s emotions, as depicted in the program, could lead to violent and potentially life-threatening behavior

Temptation Island is back! Episode 1 recap

Sorry folks, we havent updated the website in a couple of weeks but since our favorite show is back so are we.
Temptation Island returned with a vengance on Fox thursday night. The first hours was basically an intro to the couples and the men and women of temtation island.
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It’s Back!!Summer may be nearing its end, but Thursday nights are about to get hotter as the provocative and dramatic unscripted series TEMPTATION ISLAND premieres Thursday, Aug. 28 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Television personality Mark Walberg returns to host the third installment of this one-hour series…

Temptation Island is BACK and casting for Part 3!!!!

Casting begins this Thursday, February 6 for TEMPTATION ISLAND 3, marking the start of production for the third installment of the series, which will air on FOX.
The provocative unscripted series TEMPTATION ISLAND returns, following four unmarried couples from across the United States, who will travel to an exotic locale to put their relationships to […]

Broward seeks to fire Temptation Island teacher for Web porn

An elementary school teacher in Broward County who appears online in gay pornography should be fired for violating standards of conduct, according to a school district investigation and recommendation by a professional standards committee.
Tony Vanchieri, 26, who teaches physical education at Coconut Creek Elementary, first made headlines last fall when he appeared on the TV […]

New episodes of Temptation Island 2

Temptation Island took a break for the past few weeks but it is back with all new episodes…only three more shows to go.New episodes of Temptation Island 2 will begin airing again on

Thursday, January 17th at 9PM/8C.
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The episode begins with the coupled girls reaction to bonfire. Nikkole tells all the single guys about Tommy’s late night endeavors with “White Eye Shadow Girl.” Nikkole says that she would rather see Tommy seriously connect with one girl, than mess around with many. Catherine finally begins to accept what all the single guys were […]


The show opens in the morning at Tango Mar. Genevieve explains that she came to Temptation Island because she wanted to test her relationship and see what it was like to be single. In a sense she thinks that she was sabotaging her relationship with Tony. She concedes that it was not Tony’s idea to […]

Temptation Island 2: Heavy drinking leads to steamy lap dances

We all remember the first season of ”Temptation Island,” right? There were seemingly endless amounts of kissing, dissing, and other acts of mild debauchery. The show was scandalous, but more for its premise (of trying to entice couples to break up on national television) than for any actual dirty deed. In the end, all four […]

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