The Amazing Race 6 Finale Recap

Amazing Race Recap___Freddy & Kendra bring it home!by Carol Bernard  Over 40,000 miles traveled, lots of fights, lots of love and o­ne marriage proposal. Dating models Kendra & Freddy proved they had the right stuff and were the first team into the final pit stop and won the million and were crowned winners of Amazing […]

Amazing Race Recap - Shanghaied

Amazing Race Recap - Shanghaiedby Carol Bernard The 4 remaining teams discovered they had to travel over 4,000 miles to Shanghai, China for this leg of the Amazing Race. The teams were off and running after landing in China.  o­nce in China the teams had to locate Yu Yuan Gardens and search for the route marker. 
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Amazing Race Recap - Making a splash

Amazing Race 6 Recap - Making a splashBy Carol Bernard  Teams swam the distance to stay in the game, but dominating team Kris & Jon came in first, and Bolo & Lori took the plunge, o­nly to come in last and were eliminated from the race.After the mandatory rest at the pit stop, Hayden & Aaron, […]

Amazing Race Re-cap - Dead Broke!

Amazing Race Re-cap__Dead Broke!by Carol BernardDead broke and penniless, Hayden & Aaron are forced to beg o­n the streets for money, but they hit the jackpot and arrived in first place o­n this leg of the Amazing Race.
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The Amazing Race Episode 6 Recap

Amazing Race Recap 8 - A walk o­n the wet side launches Rebecca and Adam to a first place Carol Bernard  This leg of the race starts with the six remaining racing from Hungary, the last pit stop, to the island of Corsica.Bolo & Lori the first team to leave the pit stop, opened their […]

Amazing Race Recap 7 - Burn Baby Burn?

Amazing Race Recap 7 - Burn Baby Burn?By Carol BernardLori & Bolo go from dead last and take over the lead, while the other contestants dug into traditional hot and spicy Hungarian soup. When we last joined the Amazing Race, team Lori & Bolo were dead last and stuck in Eger, while the other teams made […]

The Amazing Race - Episode 6

Amazing Race Recap 6 - Checkpoint Charlieby Carol Bernard Checkpoint Charlie, the infamous border crossing of the old Berlin wall, was the fist stop o­n this leg of the Amazing Race. Freddy & Kendra were the first team to depart the rest stop, and find the first clue at Checkpoint Charlie.
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Amazing Race 6 - Episode 5 Recap

Amazing Race Recap 5 - Out of Africaby Carol Bernard This Amazing Race slowed its frantic pace as the eight remaining teams paid tribute to all slaves that passed through the “Door of No Return.”
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Amazing Race 6 - Episode 4 Recap

Amazing Race Recap 4 - Grandparents Rock!by Carol Bernard Eight teams raced into Africa, and battled it out for a chance to win a million dollars for this leg of the Amazing Race.After a mandatory rest period the two dominant teams Kris & Jon and Hayden & Aaron are off and running to the next clue. […]

The Amazing Race 6 - Episode 3

Amazing Race Recap 3 - Make Hay While The Sun Shinesby Carol BernardNine teams remained and battled it out for a chance to win a million dollars.After a mandatory rest period the teams traveled by bus and train 500 miles to Stockholm, Sweden, where they searched for their first clue.  Chris and Jon are the […]

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