Production has begun in Los Angeles on “Carpoolers,” a twisted and hilarious look at male bonding, using the carpool as a commuter confessional and starring Fred Goss (ABC’s “Sons and Daughters”), Faith Ford (ABC’s “Hope and Faith”), Jerry O’Connell (”Crossing Jordan”), Jerry Minor (”Mr. Show”), Tim Peper, Allison Munn (”That ’70s Show”) and comedian T.J. […]

Court TV launches Reality TV manhunt series dubbed The Chase

NEW YORK, April 6 /PRNewswire/ — Red Brick Entertainment ( Executive Producer, Rob Dustin and Master Tracker, Tom Brown Jr. team up for a Court TV thriller pilot, THE CHASE…
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Jim Carrey Fears America Is Becoming The Truman Show

Hollywood star Jim Carrey fears reality TV shows are slowly turning America into a real-life Truman Show.
The funnyman, who starred in the hit 1998 film about one man’s realization that his whole life has been the subject of a TV show, has started noticing how Americans are beginning to take over TV screens in reality […]


FOX will debut THE SWAN, an unscripted series that turns a fairy tale
into reality and mirrors the classic tale of the ugly duckling who
transforms into a beautiful swan. The series, produced by FremantleMedia
North America and Galan Entertainment in association with A. Smith &
Company, will premiere Monday, March 29 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
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Reality TV gets off the ground in new show

DALLAS — The star of the next reality television show isn’t a model, an actor or a beach-dwelling survivor; it’s an airline.
The show follows employees of Southwest Airlines as they deal with weather delays, blackouts and passengers who are running late or too drunk or too smelly to board the plane. There are unhappy travelers […]

Bravo adds new Reality Show: Things I hate about You

Bravo has ordered 13 episodes from Wall to Wall Television (Frontier House) of a one-hour reality series called Things I Hate About You, in which couples provided with video cameras capture each other’s annoying habits. Still undecided: the future of Boy Meets Boy, the gay dating series that aired as a companion to Queer Eye […]

‘Joe Schmo’ Turns Reality TV on Ear with Twist

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - It sounded like the ideal job for a college dropout-turned-pizza deliveryman in today’s America: go on a reality TV show, live in a fancy house, spend time with good-looking women and vie for the chance to win a lot of money and national fame.

It’s ‘8 Mile’ meets ‘American Idol’ on rap reality show

The battle is on to separate two-bit rappers from the next 50 Cent.
Showtime and Interscope Records have teamed to produce a six-part series designed to discover the hottest new prospect in hip-hop. Interscope Presents The Next, which is expected to begin airing in October, is part talent contest and part documentary, with each episode culminating […]

New Dating Show: Boy meats Boy on Bravo tonight

Bravo is proud to present television’s first gay dating series with “Boy Meets Boy,” a new twist on a traditional dating show. You’ve heard all the controversial buzz–now you can see for yourself what everyone is talking about!.>

The Joe Schmo Show: Coming Soon

In September, Spike TV will premiere “The Joe Schmo Show,” a spoof of reality shows in which only one contestant is legitimate. Everyone else on the show, from the host to the other players, are actors following a pre-determined outline.

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