Ozzy Osbourne Badly Injured in Crash in England

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Rocker Ozzy Osbourne underwent emergency surgery at a hospital in Britain after suffering serious injuries in an all-terrain vehicle crash on the grounds of his estate in Buckinghamshire, his publicist said on Monday.
“During examination, doctors found that Ozzy had broken his collarbone, six ribs and a vertebra in his neck,” […]

Kelly Osbourne Signs With Sanctuary

Kelly Osbourne has signed a multi-album recording contract with Sanctuary Records Group. The label will on Sept. 30 re-release her 2002 Epic debut “Shut Up” under the name “Changes,” featuring a duet with her father, Ozzy, on the title track. The re-packaged album will also contain four bonus live cuts.

Osbournes enjoy cashfest

Wildman rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his feisty family have shot into a music industry rich list thanks to the worldwide success of their fly-on-the-wall television show.
Ozzy and his manager wife Sharon are at number three in the income league for UK stars, according to celebrity magazine Heat.


OZZY OSBOURNE’S 17-year-old son JACK is recovering in a CALIFORNIA rehab clinic.
Jack, one of the stars of MTV’s most popular ever show, ‘The Osbournes’ is currently in the Las Encinas clinic in Pasadena. Staff there have refused to say what he is being treated for…

Sharon Osbourne Cancer Free

LONDON (Reuters) - Sharon Osbourne, the manager wife of rock wild man Ozzy Osbourne, appears to be free of the cancer she discovered last year.
“Ozzy says Sharon has completed her treatment and has no signs of cancer,” a spokesman for the rocker told Reuters on Wednesday.
Sharon Osbourne has undergone a series of intense […]

MTV Chief Blasts Osbournes Burnout Claims

An MTV executive has slammed claims that hit series The Osbournes is becoming a poison chalice for the network.
The second series of the hit show has seen the ratings slump from the all time high of 6.6 million viewers for the first episode to 3.5 million this month..;@#&! Tired of ‘The Osbournes’Ozzy’s magic appears to […]

Osbournes Featured in Super Bowl Ad

LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - The Osbournes have been pretty much everywhere else in the past year, so it’s not a big surprise that they’ll show up in a commercial during the Super Bowl.
MTV’s foul-mouthed first family will be featured in an ad for Pepsi Twist during Sunday’s (Jan. 26) game that continues the identity-switching theme […]

Osbournes to host American Music Awards tonight!

…So what is Mr. American Bandstand doing to create excitement for his 30th annual American Music Awards on Monday?
He hired MTV stars the Osbournes to be the hosts..

Osbournes renew wedding vows

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have renewed their wedding vows during a New Year’s Eve party. The ceremony took place at the Beverly Hills Hotel and was attended by hundreds of guests.
The couple were married in 1982, but delayed their 20th anniversary celebration because of Sharon’s battle with colon cancer…

The Osbournes Get Animated

Cult reality TV show The Osbournes is being turned into a Simpsons-like cartoon comedy series.
Wacky rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his family - who feature in the smash hit MTV fly-on-the-wall program - will be given $15 million for their own animated antics, which will also be shown on MTV.
Sources report the network are eager to […]

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