Paradise Hotel 2?

We haven’t seen anything official on the FOX website, nothing back from the casting agency, and the official Paradise Hotel part one website now points to FOX.Com but on Tuesday December 9th it was reported a casting call was going on in Scottsdale Arizona for Paradise Hotel 2. The casting was happening at Andersons Fifth […]

And the winner of Paradise Hotel is……..

Wow, what a show. How many twists can one reality show toss out in two hours? Well, if you missed Paradise Hotel, here is the low down. Last week we left off with Keith having the power to throw out one of the couples, this week he tossed Scott and Holly.
The final couples […]

Toni from Paradie Hotel : Tearful Toni’s Paradise Lost

Even though Toni got eliminated from Fox’s Paradise Hotel last week, we’ll still be glued to the tube tonight and Wednesday at 9 ET. (We can’t wait to see underdogs Charla, Dave and Keith stick it to the catty original clique!) However, it won’t be the same without the onetime Love Cruise passenger’s temper tantrums […]

Scandal on Paradise Hotel | Paradise Hotel Update

Dave ends up with the majority of the money after casino night and had to power to throw out a male member of the house. It looks liked it was between Beau and Alex. Dave made his move and ended up kicking out Beau who had picked Amy as his new roommate. […]

Toni from Paradise Hotel on MTV Tom Green show

Toni Ferrari from Paradise Hotel and Love Cruise appeared on MTV’s Tom Green show last night along with child actor Cori Feldman.
Toni had only been back from the island for about 48 hours. Tom hammered her on the location of the hotel but she wouldnt give up the location.
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Crazy Toni gets booted from Paradise Hotel

Looks like recycled reality start Toni got booted off Paradise Hotel. You may also remember seeing Toni on Fox’s Love Cruise which aired in 2002.
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Kieth kicks out Zack: Episode recap

in a very ballzy move last night Keith broke up the clique and sent Zack home. Amy broke down in tears and the entire cast seemed stunned, even Dave, Carla, Beau, and Tara. Throughout the show Kristin was pushing Keith to vote out Dave or Beau and said that is he voted off anyone […]

Amanda Gets The Boot last night

Tension’s high post-Pandora game ever since Toni accused Dave of claiming he was the smartest person at the hotel. Everyone puts in their two cents, and all the men don’t believe anything Dave says because..HERE
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Matt goes home | Tara comes in

Toni was forces to chose between Beau and Matt. She chose Beau and Matt the musician got his walking papers.
Next week the new girl, Tara, will be forced to break up a couple andsend one of the 5 original girls home.
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Paradise Hotel Week 4: Kavita is Booted

Quick Paradise Hotel Update from Monday July 7th. Kavita gets booted. Dave and Scott battle each other in a game of Tennis. The loser, Scott, was required to wear a dress to dinner in front of the rest of the cast. The ladies of the house decide to bring in Matt (the 27 year […]

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