FOX Outs ‘Playing it Straight’ Results

LOS ANGELES ( For months now, at least a dozen fans have wanted the truth about FOX’s truncated reality show “Playing it Straight.” Finally, FOX has determined that those faithful viewers can handle the truth. Although the show’s lost episodes will never been seen by human eyes, the network has unveiled the long hidden results… […]

Jackie eliminates Chad from Playing It Straight

Last week in a surprise twist, Eddie, a schoolteacher from Miami, FL., left the ranch on his own accord, leaving Jackie with only one elimination decision at the farewell ceremony.
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Jackie’s gaydar may have improvedas she eliminated Alex and Ryan

Jackie’s gaydar may have improved, as she eliminated a gay guy and a straight guy last week on PLAYING IT STRAIGHT. See if she can do better when the next episode airs, Friday, March 26 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
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Check out the HOT new Vid clips from FOX’s Playing it Straight

Fox’s hot new reality series, PLAYING IT STRAIGHT enters its second week with some scenes that everybody is going to be talking about. Everybody.
In this episode, the boys get an up close and personal look at something farmhands call “Prairie Oysters”!
Be warned – clip number one is not for the squeamish!
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Jackie’s gaydar needs a tune-up as she eliminates two straight guys, lessening her chances to win half a million dollars on the premiere episode of PLAYING IT STRAIGHT on Friday, March 12 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
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Tonight on FOX - Who Is Gay And Who Is Straight?

This Friday, March 12, you finally have the chance to meet the men who are playing it straight in FOX’s hot new reality show, PLAYING IT STRAIGHT….

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A football fanatic who loves shopping. A self-confessed slob obsessed with styling hair. A muscle car collector whose favorite musical artist is Cher. A cigar-smoking sports addict who makes a mean cheesecake.
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Coming March 12 from FOX: Playing It Straight

Do You Have the Gaydar Necessary to Tell
If Someone Isn’t Straight?
One beautiful single woman. 14 sexy bachelors. A million-dollar prize. Think you know where this is going? Think again … things aren’t exactly as they appear when FOX puts this young lady and the viewing audience to the test to determine which guys are […]

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