Ashton Kutcher PUNK’D the public

Looks like Ashton Kutcher PUNK’D the public when he suddenly announced the end of MTV’s hit PUNK’D last season. Ashton duped us all into believing Punk’d was done, but he’s coming back
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Ashton in back in new MTV reality show

Weeks after apparently deciding to call it a day with Punk’d, Ashton Kutcher is working on a new show for MTV, according to the Hollywood Reporter today.
The actor’s production company, Katalyst Films, is said to be working on a new hidden-camera comedy series called My New Best Friend for broadcast later this year.
Based on a […]

Ashton all PUNKD out - PUNKD goes off the air

Ashton Kutcher ended his MTV practical joke show Punk’D in style last night by serving up a Christmas Joke to Beyonce Knowles…….Kutcher has decided not to let the joke run too long, and he’s announced that this Punk’D will be his last.

Dax Shepard and Al from PUNKD move into movies

BLOOD BROTHERS: “Punk’d” stars Dax Shepard and Al Shearer have graduated from their prankster ways on Ashton Kutcher’s MTV series and are getting into the movie business. The duo have set up an untitled project based on their own idea, sources confirmed. In it..

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