Rebel Billionaire Recap - Finale

Rebel Billionaire Recap - Finale - It’s a Bird.  It’s a Plane.  It’s a Billionaire!BY Lisa DiceShawn and Sara are the last two contestants standing, and it is going to take more than a speech to win it.  The prize remains unknown, but both players vigorously fight to the end—and enlist a little help from […]

Rebel Billionaire Recap

And Then There Were Two - Rebel Billionaire Recap There’s o­nly o­ne thing strong enough to ground a zero-gravity plane: Rebel Billionaire contestant Heather, of course.  This week’s episode picks up where the last left off—in the Virgin Galactic craft with two more eliminations occurring before leaving Miami.  With Erica calming the panic-stricken player’s nerves, Gabe tries […]

Rebel Billionaire Recap - One If By Land, Two If By Space

One If By Land, Two If By SpaceBy Lisa Dicce Yachting in Miami may seem like a great time to catch up o­n some R&R, but not o­n the Rebel Billionaire’s clock.  In this installment, the Branson breaks the remaining six players into three groups of two.  Each team must create a 30 second television commercial […]

Rebel Billionaire Episode 7 - Recap

Rock the Casbah - Rebel Billionaire Episode 7By Lisa Dicce Sure, in weeks past Rebel Billionaire contestants have shown us they can rock the Casbah, but can they decorate it? The episode begins with dinner at the royal palace and Branson announcing his plans to open a hotel in Morocco.  Each team must use their creative side […]

Rebel Billionaire Episode 6 Recap

Something to Talk About—Episode 6 RecapBy Lisa Dicce Did you hear about the American friends who vowed to meet in London and marry off o­ne of their own in 24 hours?  How about the Jewish-Muslim vs. American soccer game with a celebrity referee?  If so, the Rebel Billionaire teams succeeded in their publicity stunts. 

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Rebel Billionaire - Episode 5

Branson, Bareness, and Rock n Roll -  Episode 5 Recap Loves makes people do crazy things.  And so does rock n roll. Episode four tests the rocky flirtation of Steve and Jessica as each lead the opposite sex’s group.  Teams view four bands and choose the most talented.  They must present the selected act to a panel of […]

Rebel Billionaire Episode 4 Recap

Rebel Billionaire Episode 4 Recap - They’re Not in Kansas AnymoreBy Lisa Dicce Lions and tigers and bears—oh my!  In this episode, two contestants must survive a night in the African jungle.  The players go to Ulusaba, a gaming park where the animals roam and the adventurous people pass in cars.  Here, the creatures have brains and […]

Rebel Billionaire - Episode 2 Recap

High Falls, High Stakes - Episode Two RecapBy Lisa Dicce As the contestants relax and prepare for a champagne toast, the rebel challenge springs to action.  Billionaire Branson announces the next destination: Africa.  More specifically Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls, which is three times the height of Niagara Falls.  Or, as Branson so eloquently puts it, “360 feet […]

Rebel Billionaire Episode 1 Recap

Rebel Billionaire Delivers Two Destinations, Four Eliminations in o­ne Night - Episode O­ne RecapBy Lisa Dicce Move over, Donald, there’s a new tycoon boarding the jet—and he is handing over his entire empire.  Billionaire Sir Richard Branson, who dropped out of high school going o­n to create the Virgin Group of Companies and set records with […]

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