Rockstar Supernova Recap Elimination 7/27/06

Rockstar Supernova Recap Elimination 7/27/06By Terri Giosia Greetings Rock fans!!! Still reeling from even seeing Jill’s name in the bottom 3 at the end of last night’s show.  They better have fixed that!!!!   Josh and Zayra are shoo in’s for the bottom three…those are my thoughts….. BTW:  The votes were up 15% (who calculates that?)  I find it […]

Rockstar Supernova Recap - July 25th 2006

Rockstar Supernova Recap - July 25th 2006By Terri GiosiaGreetings Rock fans! Tommy Lee’s words last week were “you’ve raised the bar” to Lucas….did they raise the bar? Does the virgin show more edge? Will they finally get rid or Zayra? I hope so!
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Rockstar Supernova Recap Elimination - July 19, 2006

Rockstar Supernova Recap Elimination - July 19, 2006By Terri Giosia Worldwide voting….doubled from last year!   That surprised me…as I still miss the energy, singers and talent from last years INXS! Ok, enough of that….. A few comments from the singers after the show…while they’re sipping their wine and chatting….. How can Toby say “he didn’t know about choosing that […]

Rockstar Supernova Recap 5

Rockstar Supernova Recap 5By Terri Giosia The show started off in o­ne word…CATTY!  Ahhhhhhh women can be soooooo petty, and yet Tommy seemed to like it….why do most men love seeing women fight?  Down deep it’s because they think they’ll end up making out! Brooke looked mahvellous!  Dave sexier than ever and the rest of those boys, […]

Rockstar Supernova Recap 4

Rockstar Supernova Recap 4 By Terri Giosia The eliminations….14 rockers becomes 13.   The singers were defensive, freaked and overall scared.  They lack confidence, and the arrogance of Lucas does not count!   Comments from the band and the singers: Zayra, made a fool of herself when speaking with the band and I want to know, can she speak […]

Rockstar Supernova Recap Episode 3

Rockstar Supernova Recap Episode 3By Terri Giosia Another night has come and gone….and thank God the night kicked off to a great rockin’ start….with Magni, he did “Talking about my generation” and did a great rendition!  The guys found he had control and yet Tommy said he lacked the hum but had the “ho”….I’m sure […]

RockStar Supernova Episode Two Recap

RockStar Supernova Episode Two Recap By: Terri GiosiaGreetings Rock fans! The night kicked off in 2 words:  DOWN AND DIRTY!   Who’s safe?  Who leaves…? o­nce again, I have to applaud the band!  They rock!  Brooke looked amazing; Dave, sexy as always, Tommy Lee has more charm in his pinky finger than most men do in their […]

Are you ready to rock? Rockstar Supernova Episode 1 Recap

Are you ready to rock?  Rockstar Supernova Episode 1 RecapBy: Terri GiosiaMy name is Terri and I’ll be covering Supernova, Rock Star…no holds barred…I’ll just say it as it is……covering it minute by minute so if you missed it, “shame o­n you!” you’ll get the feel as if you were sitting right there in front […]

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