Survivor Palau Finale Recap - Tom Westman Wins The Million

Survivor Palau Finale Recap - Tom Westman Wins The MillionBy Bill GriffithAt the previous evening’s Tribal Council, Caryn, in what turned out to be her departing moments, revealed much of the deception and conniving that had taken place in recent days, especially targeting Ian.  But back at camp the next morning, Ian found strategic value […]

Tom Westman Wins Survivor Palau - Full Recap Tomorrow

Tom Westman Wins Survivor Palau - Full Recap TomorrowTom Westman wins Survivor Palau, full show recap coming tomorrow.  About Tom: Tom studied history for three years at the State University of New York in Binghamton. In 1985, Westman followed his father's footsteps and joined the New York City Fire Department. He is currently a Lieutenant […]

Survivor Palau Recap - Episode 13

Survivor Palau Recap - Episode 13By Bill GriffithThe final five returned to camp.  Jen privately expressed both her shock at Gregg’s exit and her pending, resultant loneliness.  But wisely she hid her disappointment.  Ian recognized such savvy and moxie as a threat.  He foresaw a scenario in which the women could join forces and succeed […]

Survivor Palau Episode 11 Recap

Survivor Palau Episode 11 RecapBy Bill GriffithThe numbers have dwindled.   o­nly six Survivors remained, all members of the original Kuror tribe.  o­ne night earlier, Stephenie, the last Ulong, was cast off and Tom felt fortunate that it was not he.  But the firefighter from New York was not the o­nly vulnerable competitor.  Caryn had for […]

Survivor Palau Episode 10 Recap

Survivor Palau Episode 10 Recap By Bill GriffithWith Janu’s bizarre and self-inflicted exit last week, Stephenie returned to camp for another few days.  o­ne can o­nly wonder how many lives she has left.  Stephenie expected camp to have an air of awkwardness since she was the intended target until Janu quit.  Needless to say, Steph’s confidence […]

Survivor Palau Episode 9 Recap

Survivor Palau Episode 9 RecapBy Bill Griffith“Survivor” will always have a special place in my heart.  Not because it is the most compelling show o­n television for five years running with no end in sight but because it’s premiere coincided with my relocation to Los Angeles from Philadelphia. 
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Survivor Palau Episode 8 Recap

Survivor Palau Episode 8 Recap - A Year of FirstsBy Bill GriffithAnd then there were two.  Steph thanked Bobby Jon for staying true to her alliance.  In private, Bobby Jon acknowledged his deep friendship with Ibrehem but chose instead to keep Stephenie.  He felt she was stronger in the challenges and therefore a stronger teammate. 
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Survivor Palua Epsiode 7 Recap

Survivor Palau Episode 7 RecapBy Bill Griffith Never in Survivor’s ten seasons has a tribe lost this much.  It would be easy to classify Ulong as a hapless bunch of misguided people (which they are).  However, to chalk Ulong’s lack of success up to their own futilities and shortfalls would overlook the unmatched success and […]

Survivor Palau - Episode 6 Recap

Survivor Palau - Episode 6 Recap By Bill GriffithRecords are sometimes inauspicious.  And for Ulong, with o­nly four tribe members remaining, another loss of an Immunity challenge (they’ve lost all four this season) would place them in the ranks of the most defeated tribe in the history of the show.  This was a “do or […]

Survivor Palau Episode 6 Teaser

THE CASTAWAYS ARE CAUGHT IN A TYPHOON-FORCE STORM, o­n “SURVIVOR: PALAU,” o­n A SPECIAL NIGHT, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23 o­n CBS CBS Press Release - “Jellyfish 'n Chips” — The tribes face a typhoon-force storm, o­n a special night, SURVIVOR:  PALAU, Wednesday, March 23 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT), o­n the CBS Television Network. 
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