Survivor Vanuatu Teaser

A Potential Target To Be Voted Off Becomes Invaluable On The Next Survivor “Anger, Threats, Tears…And Coffee” — o­ne castaway, in danger of being voted off, becomes invaluable at the immunity challenge, o­n SURVIVOR: VANUATU — ISLANDS OF FIRE, Thursday, Oct. 28 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT), o­n the CBS Television Network.  Meantime, o­ne tribe notices a slacker among the group, […]

Survivor Vanuatu Episode 6

Survivor Vanuatu Episode 6 Recap - Lay-Ter LisaBy Laura AychmanSurvivor starts with the Yassur tribe returning to camp after Bubba’s dismissal. Rory builds the fire, but explains to the ladies that he is mad. He is trying to push them just a little. He hopes to play the situation so that he comes off as […]

Survivor Vanuatu Recap

Survivor Vanuatu Episode 5 Recap, Bu-bye Bubba!By Laura AychmanDay 11 starts off with the men of Lopevi arguing about the sleeping arrangements. Apparently, there some spots around the fire are more comfortable than others. Chad and Sarge talk about having some sort of rotating schedule. Travis (Bubba) seems to have o­ne of the coveted spots […]

Survivor Vanuatu Episode 5 Spoiler

The Castaways Are Shaken When They Experience A Major Earthquake o­n Tomorrow Nights Survivor Vanuatu“Earthquakes and Shake Ups” — A major earthquake rocks the island, o­n SURVIVOR: VANUATU — ISLANDS OF FIRE, Thursday, Oct. 14 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT), o­n the CBS Television Network.
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Survivor Episode 4 Recap

Brady leaves the Bunch, Survivor Episode 4 Recap By Laura AychmanSurvivor begins with the Yasur tribe heading back to camp after Mia's surprise departure. Lisa admits to voting Mia off stating that she did not trust Eliza. The two women argue. Eliza apologized for voting off Dolly and for going against the alliance. She is […]

Survivor Vanuatu Episode 3 Recap

Oh Me, Oh Mia!, Survivor Vanuatu Episode 3 RecapBy Laura Aychman Survivor began last night with the women returning to camp with some of them reeling from Dolly’s departure.  Mia, Lisa and Julie asked when the vote turned to Dolly and how did it happen. Eliza confesses that she did it because she didn’t believe Dolly when […]

Survivor Vanuatu Episode 3 Spoiler

Survivor Vanuatu Episode 3 Teaser, “Double Tribal, Double Trouble” Both Tribes Lose A Member.“Double Tribal, Double Trouble” — The castaways are shocked to learn that both tribes will lose a member at the next tribal council, o­n SURVIVOR: VANUATU—ISLANDS OF FIRE, Thursday, Sept. 30 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT), o­n the CBS Television Network.
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Survivor Vanuata Episode Two Recap

Survivor Vanuata Episode Two Recap, Dolly Is Sent Packingby Laura AychmanLast night’s Survivor opens with the remaining Lopevi tribe standing around looking at the rocks they assembled as a fire pit. Again, they try to build fire by rubbing sticks together. Working together, they are able to create an ember as they gently move it […]

Tomorrow on Survivor Vanuata

Tomorrow Night O­n Survivor Vanuata, “Burly Girls, Bowheads, Young Studs and the Old Bunch.”“Burly Girls, Bowheads, Young Studs and the Old Bunch” — Tribes are quickly dividing as the stress of their situation takes an early toll, this Thursday o­n SURVIVOR: VANUATU – ISLANDS OF FIRE. A rebroadcast will also air o­n Saturday, Sept. 25 (8:00-9:00 PM, […]

Brook Geraghty first to leave Survivor 9

27 Yr Old Project Manager Brook Geraghty The First To Be Voted Off Survivor VanuataBy Laura AychmanWelcome to Survivor Vanuatu, Island of Fire, where cannibalism, black magic and sorcery are part of day to day life and nine active volcanoes spit embers and lava. Tribesmen row out in matchstick boats to greet eighteen anxious contestants. Prior […]

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