Apprentice 2 - Finale Recap

Kelly’s Hired! – The Apprentice Recap Episode 15 – The FinaleBy Diana Kaaha Kelly and Jennifer go head-to-head in the world’s longest job interview. They are both knee-deep in solving problems in their final tasks in their quest to become Donald’s new Apprentice. Kelly’s rained o­n polo field is too wet for the painters to paint […]

Apprentice 2 - Episode 14 recap

Two Fired Leaves Two Fighting to Be Hired – The Apprentice Recap Episode 14By Diana Kaaha This week, the final four, Kevin, Kelly, Jen and Sandy, battle it out as the 15-week interview nears the end. The heat is o­n as “The Donald” splits them up and spits two out.
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The Apprentice 2 - Episode 13 Recap

Chocolate, Stripping, and Bye-bye Ivana  – The Apprentice Recap Episode 13By Diana Kaaha While the Mosaic team is still in last week’s boardroom, the Apex team speculates about who will be fired. Everyone hopes and thinks it will be Jennifer. So when Jennifer and Sandy walk through the suite door, Ivana, Kevin and Kelly are shocked […]

Apprentice 2 - Episode 12 Recap

Kelly Makes the Final Four, Sandy Steps It Up, and Andy Gets Fired  – The Apprentice Recap Episode 12By Diana Kaaha The remaining candidates are “shell-shocked” when learn that Donald fired two people in last week’s boardroom. Suddenly the intensity of the game took a step up. They sit down for dinner, and toast themselves - […]

The Apprentice 2 Episode 12 Teaser

The Apprentice 2 Episode 12 Teaser - Pepsi Bottle FizzleIn week 12 of this 15-week job interview, Donald Trump asks his six  remaining proteges to design a new soda bottle for Pepsi — and they  nearly go flat.
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Apprentice 2 Episode 11 Recap

Donald Shakes it Up by Firing Two – The Apprentice Recap Episode 11By Diana Kaaha The Apprentice heats up with the remaining 8 candidates vying for the coveted job with “The Donald.” As for Donald, he’s not playing games, and nobody is surprised when Chris does not return from last week’s boardroom. When Ivana and Kevin […]

Apprentice 2 Episode 10 Recap

Kelly Tanks With A Wedding Task– The Apprentice Recap Episode 10By Diana Kaaha Everyone is surprised when Raj does not return from last week’s boardroom. Jennifer was hoping that Ivana was fired. After the shock of another unexpected firing, Chris talks about how he put himself o­n the “chopping block,” causing Donald to make him then […]

Apprentice 2 Episode 9 Recap

Romeo Raj Gets Canned - The Apprentice 2 Recap - Episode 9By Diana Kaaha The unfired Apex team walks back into the suite and tells the awaiting Mosaic team that there was no second boardroom meeting. They are shocked to hear that Donald fired Elizabeth o­n the spot. o­nce again they learn that anything can happen […]

Apprentice 2 Episode 9 Teaser

Apprentice 2 Episode #9 Preview - BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE “Bringing Down the House” — Four previously fired candidates return to settle some old scores and also help the two teams renovate homes o­n Long Island. o­ne project manager gets overwhelmed, the other deals with an inept contractor.
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The Apprentice 2 Episode 8 Recap

Flip-Flopping Elizabeth Fired o­n the Spot – The Apprentice Recap Episode 8By Diana Kaaha While last week’s boardroom is underway, the safe candidates wonder who will be gone. Everyone thinks it will be Andy, but when he returns they all realize that anything can happen in the boardroom. Andy feels “like the kid in dodge ball […]

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