The Bachelor Episode 4 Recap

The Bachelor Episode 4 RecapThis week’s Bachelor begins with Cynthia making a large pitcher of Sangria to share with Byron. Sitting outside the pool house, she explains that she wants to get to know him in a non-competitive way. She further explains that she is not shy nor is she overbearing and manipulative. She believes […]

Bachelor Episode 3 Recap

The Bachelor Episode 3 RecapLaura AychmanThis week’s Bachelor starts off with Byron writing out an invitation to a woman he would like to get to know better. Naturally, Krysta is first to observe the envelope which has Andrea’s name o­n it. Jayne is bothered by Byron’s choice stating that she and Andrea are so different. […]

The Bachelor Spoiler - A Second Chance At Love

A Bachelor Spoiler, “All-Stars” Return For A Second Change At Love, Wed October 9thDuring a surprise 'mystery date,' Byron discovers that two more women are throwing their hats into the ring for his affections, as two of “The Bachelor's” past “All-Stars” return for a second chance at love. Meanwhile back at the house, the women are […]

The Bachelor Episode 2 Recap

The Bachelor Episode 2 Recap…..Next Week Byron Goes o­n A Mystery Date.By Laura AychmanThis week’s Bachelor had a few surprises.  The first of which was that Byron would be living with the ladies. He and his dog, Sabrina, moved into the guest house o­n the property. Chris explains that with this first ever situation, there […]

The Bachelor Episode 2 Teaser

This Wednesday o­n “The Bachelor”, Bryon Introduces “The White Rose Date”The surprises keep o­n coming as the women discover that Byron and his beloved dog, Sabrina, are moving into the Ladies' Villa. In addition, Byron initiates a new kind of date - the “White Rose Date” - in which he decides which of the women […]

The Bachelor Episode One Recap

The Bachelor Episode o­ne RecapBy Laura AychmanABC’s Bachelor has a few changes in store this season. It all begins with Chris walking throughout the mansion reminiscing about previous shows and their outcomes. He then talks of the changes this season. o­ne very big change which I mention later and the most obvious from all the […]

The Women will choose the next Bachelor on September 22nd

Will It Be Jay or Byron? The Women Will Choose When “The Bachelor” returns To ABC o­n September 22nd.On a Bachelor premiere night like no other, two Bachelors - Jay Overbye and Byron Velvick - will compete for the ladies' affections at the first rose ceremony. The Bachelorettes will have all the power, choosing from […]

Meet the next Bachelor’s, Bryon Velvick and Jay Overbye

Byron Velvick, two-time U.S. Open champion, and Jay Overbye, successful real estate agent, are the next Bachelor's o­n ABC'S The BachelorOn a premiere night of “firsts,” ABC's hit romantic reality series, “The Bachelor,” will kick off a new season of continuing surprise with the biggest o­ne of all: The women themselves will hand pick their […]

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