Jen Schefft gets a second chance at love in the third installment of “The Bachelorette”
Reality TV star and fan favorite Jen Schefft gets a second chance at love in the third installment of “The Bachelorette,” when the show returns to the ABC lineup in January 2005. This season “The Bachelorette” says goodbye to the beaches […]

Jen Schefft Will Be the next ‘Bachelorette’

Jen Schefft Will Be the next ‘Bachelorette’
Jen Schefft, the Ohio woman who stole the heart of bachelor Andrew Firestone will be the next Bachelorette.
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What is Meredith doing now that the show’s over?

Meredith’s life on the Bachelorette was full of limousine rides, whisking her from place to place.
So is she still being chauffeured now that the show is done?
“No! That’s funny. I don’t know where everyone is getting that. Not at all,” she told KATU News.

Meredith chooses Ian in final rose ceremony on The Bachelorette

The 29-year-old investment banker from New York City emerged as the winner Wednesday night on the finale of The Bachelorette as he accepted a rose from the star of the reality dating show, 30-year-old Meredith Phillips. “Will you?” Ian Hicks said as he got down on bended knee and held out a diamond engagement ring. […]

Meredith finds true love

Tonight, The Bachelorette reveals whether she chooses Matthew or, Vinay’s guess, Ian. Tonight, after shattering the “happily ever after” illusion and bidding adieu to 23 of her aspiring suitors, Phillips will hand out her final lapel rose.
Will it be sunshiny Matthew, a 28-year-old Texan who works in pharmaceutical sales? Or mysterious Ian, a 29-year-old […]

‘Bachelorette’ Non-Shocker: Final Two Exactly Who You’d Expect

LOS ANGELES ( - For several weeks on “The Bachelorette,” it’s been pretty obvious that Meredith has some pretty strong feelings for Ian, despite his reticent nature, intimidating brother and less-than-stellar communication skills.
Wednesday night’s (Feb. 18) episode of the show, in which Meredith had overnight dates with the three remaining guys, confirmed all suspicions, and […]


“The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All” — Meredith faces the 23 rejected men for the first time since they left the show, as those who did not receive roses from Meredith reunite to give behind-the-scenes dirt and offer their predictions
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ABC Will Go Live With ‘Bachelorette’

ABC plans a live broadcast of the special “The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose,” marking the first time the “Bachelor” franchise will air a live event.
The special, which will mark the couple’s first public appearance, has traditionally been taped in advance to air the day after “The Bachelorette” finale.
The switch comes amid the brouhaha […]

Season Premiere of the new Bachelorette Wed Jan 14th

Meredith Phillips, former participant and romantic hopeful from Bob Guiney’s season of The Bachelor, is the star of the latest installment of The Bachelorette. Meredith, 30, a make-up artist originally from..

Sutter of ‘Bachelorette’ Back at Work

Firefighter Ryan Sutter from “The Bachelorette” has returned to work after more than six months of wooing and then marrying Trista Rehn.
“I am a little rusty,” Sutter said of his firefighter duties. “It’s the little things that I need to work on, such as remembering where things are, like keys. I couldn’t find my […]

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