The Benefactor Finale

Femia, The Millionaire—“The Benefactor” Final Episode Recapby Carol Bernard Linda, Femia and Domonic were the last three contestants in billionaire Mark Cuban’s game “The Benefactor.” Mark had to cut o­ne contestant before the final challenge.  He decided to hit the road and visit each contestant in their home states and see how they live, and to find […]

The Benefactor Episode 5 Recap

Domonic saved and two others are sent packing—“The Benefactor” Recap 5by Carol Bernard When we last left the happy Benefactor home in Dallas, Domonic was the odd man out, and he was scheduled to be sent home the next day.  However, Mark Cuban had other plans.  Mark gave Domonic a free pass.  Domonic was sent to […]

The Benefactor Episode 4 Recap

___No Guts No Glory, The Benefactor Episode 4 recapby Carol Bernard Six contestants remain and battle it out for Mark Cuban’s million dollars.  This week contestants had a little game ofB-ball to play. Mark breaks the remaining six contestants into two groups.  The Silver team is Fema, Domonic and Tiffany.  Linda, Kevin and Spencer are the Blue […]

The Benefactor Episode 3 Recap

___Leader of The Pack, The Benefactor Episode 3by Carol Bernard And then there were 10.  Mark Cuban “The Benefactor,” takes the final 10 contestants through a new weekly challenge Monday nights o­n ABC.  Mark designed this week’s challenge to demonstrate the entrepreneur in the individual.  He wanted the contestants to separate themselves from the pack and […]

The Benefactor Episode Two Recap

Old School, The Benefactor Episode Two Recapby Carol Bernard Circle Circle, Dot Dot, Now You Have a Cootie Shot.  No Cuts, No Buts, No Coconuts!  What are you, in the second grade? Mark Cuban, you naughty billionaire you.  Mark went all the way back to the old school yard days to whip up a new twist […]

Tonight on The Benefactor: Episode 102

 2nd Graders Help Mark Cuban Make The Cuts o­n Tonight's ABC's “The Benefactor”“Episode 102″ - Mark Cuban has the contestants split into three teams for his next test. This leaves an “odd man out,” and that person's million-dollar dream ends. Next the billionaire tells the three teams that they each get to plan three hours […]

The BeneFactor Episode One Recap - “Do You Janga?”

The Benefactor Episode O­ne Recap - “Do You Janga?”by Carol BernardDo you Janga? You had better, if you want to play in the world of Mark Cuban.  Billionaire and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark is giving away a million dollars to o­ne deserving soul.  However, Mark’s road to becoming a self-made billionaire has taught […]

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